Business  Chamber demands transparency in Minera talks

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While Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture  (CCIAP), considers that the negotiations between Minera Panama and the Panamanian State represent a positive step, they want them to take place within a framework of transparency and access to information.

The Chamber recognizes  that the negotiation is important for the history and future of the country and insists that the State must carry out a review of the mining policy framed in an economic policy, which considers in which areas the country wants to focus the engines of economic growth. They affirm that it is extremely critical to strengthening the supervisory institutions, as well as the updating of the legal framework that must monitor and regulate the fulfillment of the commitments reached at the negotiating table.

Because it is a subject that includes multiple aspects, the union has established an internal commission, made up of members unrelated to the parties, which will allow the CCIAP to analyze the information emanating from the negotiations in a professional manner and adopt impartial positions.

What is decided at the table between the Panamanian State and the company will set a precedent, so this negotiation must be 'win-win ', a fair balance must be achieved that recognizes remuneration for the mineral resource that is extracted and reasonable profitability that takes into account the risks associated with the


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George Klk

Panama: Minera Transparency... Unregulated Profits! How can there be transparency with a mafia controlled Molirena Party? Lottery scandal... Molirena party and the whole of the government underground operations. Whatever negotiations... will certainly include self-enrichment party agreements. Explains whole heartedly... your basic agreements to non-transparency. Chamber of Commerce should know, but did you ever notice an absence of... litigations and lawsuits? Litigation and lawsuits against the whole of the government essentially? Against a corrupt legal system? Against a cattle rancher manure operator as Panama president doing business with... China? A Panama president with sex offenses and unconstitutional advisors could get re-elected... anything goes! What is Panama? Business Chamber begging Panama where is the... cookie jar? Where are my taxes going? Where are the next ham provisions coming from? Former president Martinelli... Oh, my God! What is Panama? Mossack Fonseca and Mafia lottery scandals? What is Panama? Unconstitutional government for the people (unconstitutional advisors)! What is Panama? Venezuela Maduro playbook for Panama! Remember... Panama president Cortizo Cohen... count his... Executive $MILLIONS$!

11 days ago

Transparency for carbon management and recognition for any future Panamanian carbon tax formats must be included in any final agreement.

11 days ago
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