Business Chamber cites aberrant justice system

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The conditions leading to a reform of the constitution "have deepened", exposing an administration of justice complicit in impunity with aberrant and untimely rulings and a cracked institutionality and "State organs mired in patronage that feeds discretion, insecurity, lack of transparency and corruption” says  Panama’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture in its weekly report.

In the midst of this “not very hopeful” context and in a worrying and uncertain political panorama, the Chamber stressed that it insists on the need to reform the country's Constitution.

It added that, regardless of the method by which these reforms are carried out, the group will actively participate in the substantive discussion, reiterating reforms that strengthen the weak institutional framework of the country.

This, through changes that imply, for example, the requirements to be magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, their appointment and ratification, as well as those of the Attorney General and the Attorney General of the Administration, the times to appoint to these officials, the constitutional and legal powers of the Supreme Court, the budget of the Judicial Branch and the Public Ministry; the judicial function of the Legislative Organ, the method of selection and composition of the National Assembly, as well as limits to the reelection of deputies, and the limitations on the powers of the Executive.

"Panama must modernize for its integral development, considering the functional aspects that have led the country to occupy a differentiating position within the group of nations," said the organization.



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George Klk

Panama: Prediction or Not... Imagine the Mafia Stake Out. Panama bakery gets a visit and he makes an offer. Bakery owner likes the offer but the visit takes a turn. The visitor is not an investor but wants protection money. Bakery owner realizes it was a trap and now a choice has to be made. Risk destruction of his / her business by the thug or go along and pay the protection money. More and more businesses are now paying protection money. One mafia thug decides to take protection money from businesses already paying protection money. Now, you guessed it... turf wars of Mafias with powerful armed men killing in the streets. So what? Get the police involved. Police bribed to stay out of it. Panama? Plenty of luxurious mafia islands for organized gang operations... greater stakes. Plenty of Israel Pegasus spy equipment or better versions from a century of experience. Panama politicians are controlled through protection revenue sources. Panama businesses support the mafias and made things worse. Panama judges are bribed or face consequences. How did this ever happen and is this truly possible? Remember... former president Martinelli visited... Italy! Italy's Berlusconi visited... Panama! Head banker Farugia... front man on an island for base of organized financial base of operations. Discussions? How to expand a cash flow business take over and protectionist money revenues. Chamber of commerce complains but... they are silenced. Former president Martinelli returns in... VICTORY... as he predicted... [THE BOSS - $$$]. (Basic facts and evidence of news media reports... just tying the events together... common sense)! Panamanians are not... UNEDUCATED... as critics may like to say and you know it.

15 days ago

It’s sad. The beautiful sunny tropical country surrounded by water. Beaches, mountains, jungles, oceans, an exciting, modern capital city. The wonder of Casco Viejo. Great sources of capitol via the canal and the copper mine, to enrich the government and its people. Yet, a malaise effects those trusted to oversee the governing of the land. A great greed, a lack of conscience and compass, and no compassion for the common man nor the image of the nation. A sickness that cannot be shaken, returning year after year. When will Panama’s good people say, enough. When will Panama’s good people take back their country.

24 days ago
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