Business chamber calls  for less populism in Assembly

Traffic returning to old normal as reopening edges in Business
273Views 0Comments Posted 16/09/2020

At a time when the country is preparing to rebuild the economy and recover jobs, initiatives in the National Assembly “must move away from populist content ”and consult with all sectors, especially those most affected says Panama’ Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

“It is inappropriate to consider laws that subject to more regulations activities that, by their very nature, are already regulated. Legislative initiatives must consider the long-term effects and impacts, especially those that may affect the attraction of foreign and local investment, which is so necessary for the reactivation, ”said the Chamber’s president Jean-Pierre Leignadier president of the union referring to initiatives that sit in the Assembly that seek to impose interest rate caps or reduce people's credit history.

Initiatives of this type would limit the competitiveness of banks, he pointed out.

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