Amnesty International wants ban on equipment used to spy on Panamanians

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Amnesty International organization asked the Israeli authorities to revoke the export license of the NSO Group, whose software spying products have allegedly been used in malicious attacks to violate human rights worldwide.

This request comes in the framework of a judicial process that will begin Thursday, when a judge of the Tel Aviv District Court will begin to hear the arguments as to why the Israeli Ministry of Defense should restrict the activities of the Group.

Amnesty International says that the Pegasus application has been used against journalists and activists around the world, in countries such as Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and the United Arab Emirates.

"NSO continues to benefit financially from using their spy software for committing abuses against activists around the world, and the government of Israel stares doing nothing, " said Danna Ingleton, Deputy Director of Amnesty Tech.

The lawsuit has been filed by some 30 members and supporters of Amnesty International Israel and others from the human rights community.

NSO Group is the company that sold the Pegasus software to the Ricardo Martinelli administration that allegedly spied on communications of at least 150 people, between 2012 and 2014.

The technology that NSO Group had the ability to collect sensitive information deposited on cell phones. In addition, it could penetrate computers and collect conversations, photos and internet traffic.

The $13 million equipment has disappeared. It was last seen in the head office of Martinelli-owned Super 99.




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George Klk

Panama | Martinelli's Spy Rampage Will Eventually Lead His Murder. Former president Martinelli corruption files of $millions with his battery of lawyers and his Israel's Pegasus spy equipment with his ever loyal followers of National Assembly deputies to continue his wanton rampage money obsessions must...end!!! Lawsuits after lawsuits for money and more money is exactly what Martinelli is...ALL ABOUT...$$$!!! Martinelli yelling and hollering about hoaxes and political persecution is a man attempting to flee and hide alone with only and only state funds)!!! Martinelli never, never mentioned how he has tried to improve the life of Panamanians. Never, never stated how much money Panama was able to achieve through more jobs! Never, never stated how much crime has gone down for safe gotten worse! Martinelli instead stated the poor condition of Panama by blaming others. Martinelli never, never had a plan to improve the welfare of Panamanians. Metro line was his high $$$ commission as was his other network of corruptions. Martinelli cannot stop for one moment without thinking someone owes his $millions!!! Martinelli is a very, very...SICK MAN!!! How did this corruption all start? 1. Panama National Assembly 2. Panama PAN 3. Israel's Pegasus spy equipment 4. Guatemala Parlacen 5. Brazil's Odebrecht and financial institutions. 6. Martinelli's front man lawyer for money laundering. 7. Martinelli's batter of lawyers. 8. Martinelli's appointed corrupt justice magistrates...pact / agreements. 9. Martinelli's pardon of hundreds of criminals to complicate and burden justice courts. 10. Martinelli's criminal organization some never to be found, some dismissed by the judges. The United States names off the crime investigations Martinelli Panama justice is reluctant to pursue. The U.S. waives the specialty principle of Martinelli extradition to pursue ALL criminal investigations against Martinelli...the result...more discussions! Panama weather is certainly very hot and maybe there is a need for more air conditioning if Panama can afford it to comfortably sit down and pursue serious work of criminal investigations. We all...Know Judge Ayu Prado...ALWAYS...has his vacation planned well in advanced in HIGH PROFILE CASES and wants $250 millions to handle (all) the demanding cases...more vacations)! Panama must understand...this was well planned before Martinelli's election campaign!!! Panama National Assembly was merely waiting for their...BIG BONANZA...MONEY!!!

6 months ago
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