80% of Colon oil slick contained

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Some  80% of the oil spilled in an area near the port of Cristóbal, in Colón. Has been mopped up by personnel of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) said a statement issued Saturday, April 17.

The AMP is continuing with the evaluation in the area to find the origin of the spill, which caused a hydrocarbon slick on the Colonoast.

So far, the origin of the spill remains as "unknown", so personnel of the AMP intervened in the work of cleaning and containment.

If the person in charge is located, he/she must take care of the cleaning tasks, mitigate the effects on the environment and the expenses incurred said the AMP.

The slick was reported on Wednesday night, April 10.

To carry out the cleaning work, 250 feet of containment were used to reduce the impact on  the marine environment 


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It would be nice to know “80%” of how many liters/gallons spilled originally. Eighty-percent means nothing of a recovery without this bases, since 20% that has not been recovered could be millions of liters/gallons. A single line of clarified for context would help the reader. This is yet another article the EDITOR of the Newsroom failed to review for content of which undermines the dissemination of news for the public for the reason it is incomplete.

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