5 appeals pending before Metro Line 3 gets final OK

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The final determination of who is going to get the contract to design and build the $2. 5 billion  Metro Line 3 is still up in the air with the acceptance of two new appeals filed by the China Railway Group, which seeks a new evaluation of the proposals presented on November 18.

The new claims brings to five the resources that must be resolved in the coming days.

In addition to requesting that its technical proposal be reviewed again, as it was discarded by the evaluation commission for not have the technicians capable of executing the work, the Chinese company asks that HPH and ACPC proposals be discarded.

HPH, which groups the companies Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Posco E&C, presented the lowest bid  with$2,507 billion, and obtained the highest rating with 893 points.

In its last complaint filed before Public Procurement, the Chinese firm warns that the Spanish company Acciona, which leads the ACPC consortium, is included in the World Bank's list of companies that are disabled until 2022.

 Acciona is participating with the Power Construction Corporation of China, this consortium being responsible for the second most economical offer, $2.518 billion.

China Railway Group also claims that HPH failed to comply with the specifications by submitting financing from eight banks asking for the State's endorsement to deliver the funds. HPH, which groups the companies Hyundai Engineering & Construction and Posco E&C, presented the lowest economic offer with $2,507 billion, and in the process obtained the highest rating with 893 points.

Although the technical proposal of China Railway Group was classified as risky, the envelope containing its economic offer was opened. The company offered $2.,456 million.

In addition to the three claims of China Railway Group, the Procurement authority  also admitted the claim of ACPC and the Line 3 Consortium, led by the Spanish company FCC in which  where the Mexican company CICSA also participates,

Line 3 will be 25 kilometers long and will have 14 stations in a journey of about 45 minutes. It will connect with line 1 at the Albrook station, whose deck will be replaced by a larger one to accommodate a space integrated into the two lines.

Although the outgoing  director of the Panama Metro, Roberto Roy, indicates that the tender was made under the parameters that the rail system to Panama West would go through the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, the Ministry of Public Works has indicated that both projects are likely to be executed separately due to the delay in the construction of the bridge.

The construction of the fourth bridge, whose resident is four months behind although the consortium in charge of the work has indicated that it will meet the different deadlines of the project.




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