$405 million fourth bridge link 38% complete

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Work  on the $405 million  expansion and rehabilitation of the Pan-American highway, Las Américas-Arraiján bridge section, is 38% complete  reports the Ministry of Public Works (MOP)

The project is one of those reactivated by the Government in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is approximately 11 kilometers long beginning in the connection with the project of the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, in the Cocolí area, ending in the connection with the Centenario road in the Burunga area with a new road exchanger.

The works include the expansion of the Centenario highway to three lanes, between the new interchange and the connection of the old Pan-American highway.


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I would truly understand investing this kind of money if there was not an existing bridge over the Canal, but there are fuckin 3 already. Then, with the possibility of the Panamanian economy collapsing under the strain of Covid-19, you appropriate this kind of money in conjunction with the suffering of the economy. Don't you think you might have held off on "big ticket" items until after you saw how your economy would recover? Such a beautiful country, run by idiots.

12 days ago
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